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indonesian jewelryThe jewelry trade has its humble beginnings at the time of the caveman. Today it is a thriving industry and massive. Jewelry, can be worn with everything from jeans and sneakers to elegant evening wear. How all this happened is quite interesting.

First forms of jewelry were worn by cavemen. Their jewelry was crudely shaped shells and animal teeth, claws and bones. Graves of prehistoric people showed jewelry pearls and ivory jewelry, wood or metal.

Studies of ancient Egyptians proved well-designed jewelry. The Egyptians were probably the first to combine precious stones with gold or precious metals. The priests of the Bible day wore breastplates made with rows of diamonds, emeralds and other precious stones.

Workers who made instruments or weapons for the war has become the first jewelry artisans.

As they worked with metals to make the work of the war, they have discovered the art of using the precious metal to make jewelry.

The jewelry trade came to America with the first settlers. A craftsman could repair a fracture farm, a wagon wheel or fashion a wedding ring. The city of New York has become the industry leader of precious metals in the 1890’s with the first shop opened in the early 19th century.

The 20th century opened the machines that create jewelry and began mass production in manufacturing plants. Jewelry has become more accessible and affordable. The city of New York is still headquartered in the United States for leading designers and craftsmen.

As you know, many women use jewelry if we compare with the ma. The womens looks beautiful if the use the jewelry. For the example many actress use this.

In the mid 1900, jewelry artists began to design and create their own lines of jewelry. These can be bought in stores, shops and galleries. Today, the jewels are available in the specialty jewelry stores, department stores, shopping malls booths, craft shows, etc.

The Internet and television shopping channels also claim a large portion of sales of jewelry.

Many celebrities now have their own line of jewelry. They are mostly sold on TV or in the high-end department stores. Typically, the drawings are of high fashion and craft sheet.

Jewelry is carried by the men, women and children of all ages. It has become increasingly popular. There is always joy in giving jewelry to mark special occasions such as engagements, weddings, birth of a child, birthdays, etc. Jewelry will be around forever.

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