Dwi Warna Sejahtera is Trading Company which focus in Agricultural Origin in Indonesia. One of main product is Cinnamon (Cassia Vera) from Kerinchi.
In trade sector there are several types of Cinnamon which are Cut Stick Cassia, Broken Cassia, and Whole Cassia.

1. Cassia Vera Werehouse

cinamon92 cinamon13
cinamon12 cinamon11

2. Cassia Vera Manufacture

cinamon2 Cinnnamon Manufacture
Cinnnamon Manufacture Cinnamon Werehouse

3. Cassia Vera Stick

04-stick in-a-glass1
stick cinnamon-stick

4. Cassia Vera Whole

04-ka-ks-stick wholecassia3
wholecassia wholecassiaup

5. Betel Nut

betel-nut-by-sun betelnut
betel-nut betelnut1